office printing


1. What are managed print services?
When you work with a supplier of printers and managed print services, your printing partner will evaluate your needs and provide the printing technology to match your business model. We will provide a tailored plan with the best printers, oversee their performance and provide replacements, consumables, software support and repairs.
2. How is heat-free printing more sustainable and better for the environment?
Our heat-free printing technology was designed with sustainability in mind, providing businesses with reliable, fast, and low-maintenance printers. This eco-friendly approach reduces power consumption by up to 85% compared to traditional printing methods. These durable machines minimise waste and ensure a smoother workflow, making them a greener choice for both businesses and the environment.
3. What are the benefits of outsourcing printing for small businesses?
Outsourcing your printing needs to us, especially when using Epson printers, can significantly benefit your small business. Epson’s heat-free printing technology runs efficiently and reduces power consumption. This translates to lower costs, enhanced productivity, and a smaller carbon footprint. Our expert team assesses your requirements, selects the right printer, and optimises your document workflow, leading to cost reduction and improved efficiency. By choosing us, you save both time and money while embracing an eco-friendly approach to printing.
4. How can I choose the best printer for my business?
To choose the best printer for your business, you first have to examine your basic needs: type of document, essential features, everyday needs and office space. As a small business owner, you must identify what kind of documents (simple documents, flyers, labels, posters, internal documents) you need, if you need colour printing, a copier or just a printer, your office space and your budget. If you are not sure, you can always get in touch with us, and we will do a professional appraisal of your printing needs.
5. What happens if a printer malfunctions?
In the rare event of a printer malfunction or technical issue, rest assured that our dedicated tech support experts are here to assist you. As your trusted managed print partner, we proactively monitor your devices, ensuring a seamless printing experience with minimal downtime. You can rely on Dectek to efficiently handle the monitoring, maintenance, and management of your printing fleet, allowing you to save valuable time and money. For all your printing requirements, contact us at +35315240682.
6. Will Deckteck take care of the toner and cartridge supply?
Yes, we will take care of toner, ink and any consumable supply, as well as repair and replacement of any parts. We will manage supply to ensure a smooth workflow and reduce waste.
7. How do I know what printer will suit my business?

Selecting the right printer for your business is crucial, even if your printing needs are occasional or low-volume. Opting for an inkjet machine may seem cost-effective initially, but it can lead to higher expenses over time, particularly when factoring in ink and supply costs. Laser machines using toner designed for business use offer higher page-per-minute rates, making them the preferred choice for businesses. 


Dectek provides not only inkjet but also laser printing solutions tailored to your unique requirements, offering advantages like richer colours and greater variety. Additionally, advanced technologies like Epson’s heat-free printing reduce long-term energy consumption and costs. Our expert team will evaluate your needs and help you choose the ideal printing solution for your business needs.

8. Is it worth getting managed print services as a small business?
Getting assistance with your print and print solution needs can reduce costs, optimise your processes and increase productivity. If you trust us with your printing processes, all printing problems and management will be overseen by a team of professionals with 40 years of experience so you can focus on your core business without distractions.
9. Is it cheaper to buy a printer or to get managed print services?
Buying a new printer for your business may look like the best option, especially if you are a small business. However, this can be more expensive in the long run. You might be tempted to buy a more expensive machine or select one that is not suited to your needs. A printing partner will help you select the best printer for your business requirements. Furthermore, a managed print service provider can purchase printers at a much lower cost and then pass those savings on to their customers.
10. How can I make my printing process more sustainable?
You can start by optimising your printing fleet and using only the necessary machines. You can also make your printing more eco-friendly by choosing heat-free printing machines optimised for business use. These latest technology machines print without heat and at high speed, reducing energy consumption by 85%. Additionally, you can choose sustainable paper sources, reuse paper and streamline your printing needs to reduce your carbon footprint.
11. What types of printers do you offer, and how do you assist clients in transitioning to sustainable printing solutions?
We offer a range of printing solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, including both Laser and Inkjet printers. While we currently have 60% inkjet printing, we are actively working to transition our clientele to more sustainable printing options. However, our primary focus is always on meeting our customers’ specific requirements, even if it means offering solutions that are not the most sustainable. At Dectek, customisation is key, and each solution is tailored to the unique needs of our clients.