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Epson page 13 of Epson powerpoint The latest generation of HP Enterprise LaserJet printing devices are unique in the marketplace, because they offer three key technologies designed to thwart attackers’ efforts and self-heal. These features automatically trigger a reboot in the event of an attack or anomaly. After a reboot occurs, HP JetAdvantage Security Manager automatically assesses and, if necessary, remediates device security settings to comply with pre-established company policies.5 There’s no need for IT to intervene. Administrators can be notified via HP management applications such as JetAdvantage Security Manager and ArcSight.

We make print management easy and as pain free as possible. From simple tracking and monitoring of print jobs, to integrating BYOD printing or advanced custom job management, PaperCut can be up and running in minutes. Choose between the DIY version, PaperCut NG, and the fully supported PaperCut MF depending on your print environment. Dectek have installed papercut with customers from 25 staff to over 10,000 users. Paper cut can be installed in house and managed by users.

Who we are? We are trend-setter and we are making a bold and creative contribution to shaping the future of office communications. The advice we provide goes much further than mere analyses and recommendations – we assess your needs, design solutions and guide your office communications. Our prime goal is always to increase the productivity of your document production and management processes.

Address:Katrina Bradley consulting Ltd t/a Dectek.