Printer Problems and Printer Solutions

Paper Jams

We see a lot of customers reports of printer problems involving paper jams within the machine at this time of year. Most engineer visits are resolved by using fresh paper, Paper can be specific to certain printers. When buying paper make sure it is for the type of printer you have. Ink Jets require different paper to Laserjets. The toner is cooked on a laser printer and dry s on the inkjet.

Image Quality Issues

Image quality issues from printers can be down to wear on parts of the printers that are changed a lot. Part’s like toners and drum in laser printers can cause image quality issues when they wear.
Inkjets can see streaks appear or missing lines on prints due to print heads drying out when not been used.

Printer Problems – What’s What

Laser jet printers have more parts than inkjets printers. Laser printers work by heat and powder which is your toner. Most black and white printers have a toner and a drum combined with a fuser. However, colour printers will need toner CYMK and a transfer belt, fuser and waste bottle. So although colour is expensive to buy toners for the value for money on certain brands and models can save your business a small fortune.

Connection to a PC

Most printers are connected via a USB cable. This is the easiest way and very easy to install for home users. The only issue us the sharing of the device, if multiple user want to print the printer has to be shared out from the main PC and that must always be on.

Ethernet is a more complex system and the printer needs an IP address which is like a postal address for the printer. The Pc’s find the printer via the network with the specific IP address. The user’s needs to have some skills to setup this type of network.

Common Terms Used With Printer Problems and Solutions

MFP This is a printer that can copy print and scan to folder or email.
Inkjet a printer that uses ink instead of toner.
Mono A black and white printer or copier
Colour A colour printer or copier

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